Lissy’s lists

Here are a few of my “favorite things.”  I will list colors,antiques and stores that I love.  Any special item or place I may come across will  be listed on these pages. HAVE FUN SHOPPING!

5 Responses to Lissy’s lists

  1. holly kerr says:

    happy 4th of July!!! xo

  2. Aidan Wilber says:

    Where have I been?
    Your blog is the bomb!

  3. Lissy, You are way ahead of me as to renovating. Our renovation has been of a more practical nature, with a few indugences here and there. We, too, have found a few brocantes we favor and have been lucky in finding some smashing pieces we could afford. I’ll try to get more pics into the blog of some of our finds. Will be following you for ideas! Anne

  4. Karen Taylor says:

    Hey Lissy, could you give me a call when you have a minute. thanks Karen
    in the phone book under Mike and Karen

  5. Kitty says:

    Isabell and I will hobble on over to CASH ierssss on Friday June 29! Enjoyed talking with you!

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