Wedding Crashers!

Evening cocktails at the High Hampton Inn with Mr.’P’ and friends turned into a real event last Saturday. We were expecting a beautiful view and good conversation but were treated to an outdoor sunset wedding overlooking the lake and mountain behind the Inn. The wedding vows were being exchanged and a few little spectators decided to Crash in–inch by inch. The whole scene was so charming that I quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting … I always have a camera, so be careful around me.

Lissy Parker blog

Outdoor Autumn wedding at the High Hampton Inn

Lissy Parker blog

The perfect evening for the wedding–cocktails in hand

Lissy Parker blog

Sweet little wedding observers–so cute!

Lissy Parker blog

Closer– inch by inch by inch

Lissy Parker blog

Mom and Big Sis’ to the rescue

We all enjoyed the spectacular mountain evening. Y’all have a wonderful weekend.

xo♥, Lissy

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6 Responses to Wedding Crashers!

  1. We attended a wedding at the Ritz in Lake Tahoe recently and noticed there were several spectators enjoying the festivities as well. Love the group of little people..,so cute!!

  2. Cathy Garrett says:

    That was a beautiful wedding! The beautiful orange bridesmaid dresses wow! That was a fun evening with great memories!

  3. Angie Irby says:

    Hi Lissy! Excellent photography and sense of humor, as always.
    You are a smile-maker. Regards to Mr. P.

  4. “Wedding Crashers! | lissyparkerltd” certainly
    got me personally simply addicted on ur webpage!

    Iwill wind up being back again even more frequently.
    Many thanks ,Kit

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