Figgy Cottage Fall Update

Figgy Cottage is almost ready for some Fall fun in the mountains. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of decisions, changes and problems that required creative solutions. The Contractors Tom and Boris have worked at light-speed with the help of the multi-talented Daniel to handle all of the project modifications. The Talented Mr. Hawkins has stepped in to solve last minute design problems with his amazing skills and ‘quick draw’ pencil. The painters may kill us when they see the walls—oh well! Take a look at the progress …

Welcome to Figgy Cottage

New Kitchen entry and stone work

Dutch door and bark–house crush!

Lissy Parker blog

Poplar bark in the front entry

Close up of the old barn beam trusses in the new kitchen

The other end of the room–love it!

New lantern in the family area

Master Bedroom in the making–wonderful treetop view

New Flagstone floor in the ‘Orangery’

Locust ‘dog’ fence going in–the girls are chasing everything

And the View

More soon.

xo♥, Lissy

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22 Responses to Figgy Cottage Fall Update

  1. Laura Ramsey says:

    You are really coming along. Thank you for the update. It is really a beautiful place.

  2. Nancy Rounsaville says:

    Looks really nice! Hope to meet you soon. I have been so busy in Atlanta that I haven’t been up lately but will be there in Oct.

    Nancy, your neighbor

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Virginia says:

    I am so glad you chose that design for the trusses! They look AMAZING. Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Tricia Thompson says:

    Truly fabulous! I love watching the progress and can’t wait for your next report.
    You’ll have to come by to see our new construction right around the corner.

  5. Lissy everything looks wonderful. Love that shingle detail at the entry and the beamwork is to die for!

  6. nancoir says:

    beautimous!! as above, love the trusses and bark. you’ve had some great weather for
    big project. . .

  7. designchic says:

    It looks wonderful, Lissy and I know you are so excited. So many charming features – the beams in the kitchen are amazing!!

  8. Cathy Garrett says:

    Hi Lissy, so glad for the update. Everything looks Fabu! Love the beautiful doors, bark around them and barn trusses Love!!! Can’t wait to see more!

  9. Lucie Patton says:

    Liss..I am here in Highlands today. Leaving tomorrow. My mother has been in the hospital here. I really want to see this latest project of yours, but I’ll be back…Lucie

    Sent from my iPad

  10. Erika says:

    Beautiful job all around!!

  11. Kay Cheetham says:

    Love it, too! I just want to visit you and have a cup of tea or better a glass of wine in that fabulous kitchen and enjoy the company and the view! One wedding down, 2 to go, almost on our trip tp Greece, Sun. a lifelong dream!

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