Fall Fever

My blog vacation is coming to an end, and I wanted to give y’all a sneak–peek at what I’ve been up to these past two weeks. Yes, I have been in the mountains enjoying the cool weather, but I’ve also been working on the new renovation. Today I took a break to explore my new ‘neck of the woods.’ My car came to a screeching stop when I saw this little lovely—a charming Fall display at a local nursery. I’m still waiting for a Pink tractor, but maybe this will do for my autumn harvest!

Lissy Parker Ltd blog

Fall has arrived in style

Lissy Parker blog

Pumpkins, Mums and Hay–I think a hay ride sounds like fun …

Lissy Parker blog

Stop by Scotlyn’s Yard Nursery in Cashier, N.C. to see this creative ‘Tractor pumpkin’ in person

xo♥, Lissy

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6 Responses to Fall Fever

  1. That looks like such a fun place Lissy! The seasons are celebrated so much more east of the Mississippi! Did you buy anything?

  2. Cathy Garrett says:

    This is great and what a fun fall decoration! Thanks for the great picture. I need to get up to see this!

  3. katie Hamilton says:

    That tractor made my day…Thanks for stopping to share the fun!!!

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