Pirates on Peachtree!

Pirates, yes pirates have invaded the good old south! I just caught this scoundrel trying to sneak down Peachtree Road on his orange bicycle. He has high handle bars and a Pink and Orange treasure chest on the rear passenger seat of his stealth vehicle. He and his companion are wanted in Key West for bar crawling down the beach. His companion is a colorful parrot visibly running across his shoulders.

Anyone spotting the bandits please notify the Pirate Police on Peachtree!

Lissy parker Blog

Detailed photo of the Pirates and the get-a-way vehicle!

Lissy Parker Blog

Escaping on the left shoulder …

xo♥, Lissy

All photos by Lissy Parker for Lissy Parker blog

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4 Responses to Pirates on Peachtree!

  1. C McNally says:

    The random stuff is always the funnest. Glad you were there with your camera handy…

  2. Debbe Myers says:

    Wish I could have seen this!!

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