Hearthstone Happiness

Wow, can you believe this beautiful, large stone is my new hearthstone. We had almost given up on finding a single stone large enough to fit this new fireplace design. Two weeks ago I got the call saying “we found it” and it will be installed this weekend. When we headed up to N.C. for the weekend we were so excited to see the new stone installed … it was dropped and broken while the masons were trying to get it into the house. We had just about given up on finding one and told the builder and stone mason to just put three large stones in place of the one very large stone –it would still be a beautiful design. This picture just came in at lunch today–happy dance, happy dance!

Double dancing is taking place here today because we found our appliances on Craig’s List … at a Great price. I also found the cutest Tory Burch shoes named ‘Parker’ at Nordstrom’s today–just had to buy them … and had my hair done. It is a great day!

More pictures soon.

Lissy Parker Blog

Very large, very heavy hearthstone being cut and fitted

xo♥, Lissy

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6 Responses to Hearthstone Happiness

  1. Cathy Garrett says:

    Hi Lissy, what a wonderful day! I need to see a picture of the Parker shoes!!! That will be exciting to see the new hearthstone installed. Continue to have a great week!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product after so much drama. I am impressed about Craig’s list appliances. I have several friends that have had great success in that department. Do send details of that transaction.

  3. Beth Blumer says:

    Lissy – sounds like you are born again! I need to follow your lead! New shoes and a new hair – oh it feels so good. Miss you! xo, Beth

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