House Crush!

Friday is house crush day. I am so excited to show you this week’s house crush. Some of you may recognize it from a past cover of  Veranda magazine. It belongs to friends of mine and I have ‘crushed’ on it for a long time. The front entry is covered with vines and lined with beds overflowing with boxwood.

The side entry is edged with stone and brick and entered through the most charming iron gate. I love the planters filled with Agave that flack the drive and point you to the side gates and drive. Note to self: Get more Agave for my containers! There is an Orangerie on the roof that overlooks the back garden and pool. The first time I saw this back garden from the Orangerie, I told Mr.P ‘this is what heaven looks like.’ Enjoy this stunning house crush!

Lissy Parker House Crush-

Vine covered walls and boxwood–gorgeous

Lissy parker house crush-

The perfect balance of garden and home

Lissy parker house crush.

boxwood, boxwood and more boxwood–yes, please!

lissy parker house crush

Side iron gate entry into the most charming back garden–love the Agave in the planters,

xo♥, Lissy

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4 Responses to House Crush!

  1. Billy Parker says:


  2. M says:

    hi there, I saw this photo on Pinterest and was just wondering where this house is located? in New York state perchance? absolutely beautiful house. thanks for sharing.

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