Oh my, More Windows and Doors!

I couldn’t wait to post these update photos. The new kitchen-family room floors have been installed and they are beautiful. Just wait until you see the before and after pictures below. The before of the kitchen looks almost like a dungeon  with all of the faux stone on the ceilings. The after just looks so clean and fresh! Do you remember the old front door? The new one has arrived and will be installed any minute now. I am doing the ‘happy dance’ right now … how about you. I see a large party in my future …

Old Front entry door-so very sad

New Dutch door for the entry–so charming

Kitchen and Family room before–dark and crowded

Kitchen and Family Room after–new floors and walls too

Happy dance, happy dance!

xo♥, Lissy

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6 Responses to Oh my, More Windows and Doors!

  1. Lisa Mende says:

    Lissy! This is looking amazing but then I didn’t expect anything less from you! Wow! Have a great day!

  2. Cathy Garrett says:

    Love it Lissy! The dutch door is beautiful. I know how excited you are. The rooms look so big and open great for entertaining!!!

  3. Mindy Sullivan says:

    Lissy, You are doing such a good job on your remodel! Enjoying all your updates. Check out http://www.vintagebarns.com, I have plenty of old barn wood if you need some accents:)

    Buddsull Styling

    “Styling Your Home and You”


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