House Crush!

Coastal charm just oozes from this ‘Pretty in Pink’ stucco house in Savannah, Georgia. The cottage was built in 1948 and has always been painted this beautiful shade of pink. I can feel the sea breezes and smell the salty marsh air every time I see this house. The entry has two doors, one on each side of the large bay window facing the street. I love the Chippendale rail on the roof–wonder if it is repeated in any other place in the home. This cottage has a great location near the marsh and is currently on the market. If you buy it before I do, please let me renovate it for you!

‘Pretty in Pink’ charmer

Entry doors on both sides of the bay window–connected by a circular walk way in front

Hope y’all have a Happy Weekend!

xo♥, Lissy

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10 Responses to House Crush!

  1. Absolutely ready to live there. I’m pinning this to my dream board. Thanks for giving vision to my dreams Lissy!!!

  2. Carey says:

    Is mrs p going to buy it

  3. Love, love, loved our time in Savannah. I would love to go back again. You are so lucky to be close and thanks for letting us peak into all of these little gems!

  4. Erika says:

    I know right where that is…great neighborhood!! The pink stucco always reminded me of Sea Island.

  5. Lisa Mende says:

    OMG! Lissy how do you always find the most adorable places. I think I am pinning this to my dream house pinterest board! How quaint! She is definitely a “Pink Lady”. How is the mountain house coming? I am behind on my blog reading from being sick. Hope I catch up soon! Have a good week!

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