Looking for Inspiration

Today I was visiting a few shops looking for inspiration for the new house. That sounds really good, but actually was just an excuse to go shopping. I have missed my shopping lately. The house has been a big time–eater these past few weeks, so I was up with the sun hurrying out the door, looking for a few ideas—and hoping to find a bargain, of course. Here is what I found at Erika Reade in Atlanta.

Brilliant bottle chandelier and very charming teapot painting

These lamps would look great in any room–with almost any decor

Aqua gourd lamps, paintings, glassware … everything your heart desires

How great would this sofa look in your house? Yes, please!

Country Estate china by Juliska–my favorite

Now get out there and shop till you drop!

xo♥, Lissy

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5 Responses to Looking for Inspiration

  1. Great finds but I will take that bottle chandelier thank you. Oh and anything Juliska is good!

  2. susan virgin says:

    Come back to see us, Lissy!

  3. Cathy Garrett says:

    Lissy love that bottle chandelier and the China!

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