Happy Birthday!

Thank you for all of the B’day wishes! I am having lunch with friends today–then off to the mountains for a little cool air.

xo♥, Lissy

Have a Wonderful day!

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14 Responses to Happy Birthday!

  1. holly says:

    happy birthday!!! xo

  2. nancoir says:

    . . .and i knew never to ask you to WORK on your birthday!!
    have a good day ~ we’re off to caroline and tim’s 50th anniversary in whidbey island, wa 😉

  3. Erika says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. C McNally says:

    Every happiness on your birthday today… Christmas in July means you are a gift to all your friends… Have a terrific day!

  5. Cathy Garrett says:

    Lissy have a Happy Happy birthday! You deserve it!

  6. pretty pink tulips says:

    Horray!! Happy Birthday….I hope it’s great from start to finish! And, cheers to you in the year ahead.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Beth Blumer says:

    Oh Lissy – Happy birthday! I hope you have had a wonderful day. Enjoy the Mts. I hope it is cooler there! I am still going to show up on your doorstep one day and see your house and go to lunch with with. Miss you!

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