House Crush!

My House Crush series continues today. I am featuring drive–by photos of wonderful and inspiring homes, gardens, barns and whatever I may find and love. This House Crush features a home I have ‘crushed’ on for a long time. This colonial sits on a corner lot and just oozes charm. The symmetry is perfection! The side garden, entertaining porch and garage apartment are all surrounded by a white picket fence and beautiful gardens. I think I will have to drive–by again later today.

Boxwood, boxwood, and more boxwood––love the porch and entry

Very charming side garden, porch and entertaining area behind the shutters

Picket fence and gated garage apartment––love the holly screen

Don’t you just love this house! More house crushes next week.

xo♥, Lissy

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2 Responses to House Crush!

  1. Cathy Garrett says:

    Hi Lissy, love the house crushes. Was this house in Atlanta? I happen to love that style home myself. There is just something about it that makes me crush also. I think the squareness of it allows for more space inside and you are able to do a lot more with decorating it. Makes for a very usable space. Thanks again for your wonderful photography!

  2. designchic says:

    My kind of house – full of charm and character. Wouldn’t you love to have a peek inside…happy weekend!!

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