Cocktails and Demo

Finally, I have a major update for y’all. The demolition is almost finished and the reconstruction is about to begin. The space is opened up and Tom and Boris think all of the major headaches are over—water leaks, ceilings falling, live wires in the walls, stones falling on your head—the usual construction  problems you find when you open old walls. Get your cocktail glasses ready for a celebration!

Before–the infamous stone fan entry

No more stone ceiling or door surround

All open for the new ceiling–flat and raised

Fireplace before–real stone, but did not work

Mock up of the new opening–it will be a little larger than the blue board

View to Family Room and Sun Room before

View into Family Room Sun Room After

Kitchen view into laundry area before

Kitchen view after–stone arches and ceilings are gone

Two Demo Dogs who need a bath

Progress—everywhere you look! Y’all come for a cocktail and see the renovation when you’re in the area!

xo♥, Lissy

All photos by Lissy Parker for Lissy Parker ltd.

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11 Responses to Cocktails and Demo

  1. Beth Blumer says:

    Lissy – Love it – congrats for the vision. I couldn’t see it. It is looking great!
    Enjoy the cooler weather up there. It is hot here!
    Love you girl! Beth

  2. C McNally says:

    Unbelievable transformation in progress – so much fun to see all the hard work paying off – Wow!

  3. nancoir says:

    whew! once that demolition hammer got swingin’, there is no stopping!!
    we put in a lenox wood burning fireplace with heat blower, and love it. we were losing too much
    heat up the chimney.
    if you have any items (other than stacks of stone!) that are surplus, remember the bazaar!!
    your kitchen disappeared 😉 the new keeping/sunroom is terrific.
    good job!


  4. Virginia says:

    Oh my goodness, it is all gone! I can’t wait to see kitchen #2…especially after the way #1 turned out! Thanks for sharing your progress, it is so fun to see.

  5. holly says:

    wow!!! i can’t believe all the work you have done. your new mountain home is going to be gorgeous!!! the dogs are adorable!!! give them a kiss for me!!! xo

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