Holy Hydrangea!

Hydrangeas are in full bloom in Atlanta this month. All of these photos were taken in my back garden in the early morning, just after a rain. I need to run out, right now, and cut a few for the house. Nothing says Summer like fresh flowers in the house–especially hydrangeas.

Blue Hydrangea in full bloom

View of the pergola and fireplace

Waterfall surrounded by hydrangea

Great place for cool Summer evenings–who am I kidding, smoke keeps the bugs away in Atlanta

Mop Heads after a rain–blue and pink

Waterfall surrounded by blue hydrangea

Early morning light is magical

Stone steps to the upper patio and the roses–more on that later

View to the side garden and fountain

Even more hydrangea

You can never have too many Hydrangea or Boxwood! Thank you Dan Cleveland and Boxwoods for creating this wonderful garden.

xo♥, Lissy

All photos by Lissy Parker for Lissy Parker ltd.

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8 Responses to Holy Hydrangea!

  1. Stacy O'Neill says:

    Lissy, The garden looks spectacular. Oh…all that lush green, and those Hydrangeas. That is a feast for the eyes. How about a cocktail on the patio soon…I’ll bring the beverages!

  2. C McNally says:

    I love your back yard, Lissy! The only thing missing from these pictures is Janie. How is she doing? Hope you are getting a bit of an Atlanta break from the demo work at the Mountain House!

  3. This looks SO amazing and lush! And I agree – you can never have too many boxwoods or hydrangeas! On a side note, from reading your comments, you are my kind of girl – cocktails and demo work!!

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