The Talented Mr. Hawkins

Ever wonder what makes a home truly wonderful? is it the location, the design, or maybe the builder? Why do some homes have the ‘it’ factor? These ‘it’ homes all have one thing in common–a creative solution to a  challenge. Creativity rises to its highest level with a challenge. The challenge can be the building site, materials or just plane old funding.

The talented Mr. Keven Hawkins has taken all of these challenges and used them with an abundance of inspiration and creativity to construct a truly remarkable home for his clients in Cashiers N.C.. You will  love this ‘it’ house! Notice how the Design Fun happens when all the puzzle pieces fit together and the challenges are solved.

Be inspired!

Entry to the home and future garden–love the green and red

View, fantastic–altitude, a challenge

Centered  Entry and stone stairs begin the garden–all stones from property

Balcony view of the amazing Living Room

Another bird’s eye view of the space

Stone from the property was used for the fireplace–problem solved

Interior siding is smooth side of the exterior siding–Genius

Three iron lanterns mark the Entry

Kitchen has a dropped ceiling and exposed beams–love the Shaker cabinets–a walk-in pantry is on the right

Beautiful counter was made from a tree on the property-another creative use of materials

Chandelier was custom designed by Keven–beautiful

Balcony office is located over the kitchen–the twig railing, charming

Gorgeous Mountain view from the porch

Great porch–Hog wire rail is from the hardware store–so clever

French doors, painted the perfect red, are hurricane rated–altitude and wind issues

Side entry has ‘see through’ rail made from Hog wire–beautiful and practical

Charm maximized—laundry minimized

This Locust rail for the stairs was made from branches found on the property–so smart

The very talented Keven Hawkins

This home is creative, simple and beautiful–are you inspired yet? Thank you to the talented Mr. Hawkins for bringing this home to life!

xo♥, Lissy

All photos by Lissy Parker for Lissy Parker Ltd.

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8 Responses to The Talented Mr. Hawkins

  1. Cathy Garrett says:

    Beautiful and wonderful!!! Great job Kevin love every bit of it! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing this wonderful house.

  2. C McNally says:

    Hi Lissy! Can’t wait to find a time to come up and visit! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project by your friend Keven. Would he mind terribly if you steal a couple of his clever ideas for Figgy Cottage?

  3. designchic says:

    What an amazing home – inside and out and such gorgeous views. The exposed beams, the wood counter, the clever office…love it all!!

  4. Wow it is simple and beautiful

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