Progress Report

Moving day is finally here! We have packed, moved, cleaned, arranged and made a million decisions in the past three days. We have one bedroom and bath semi-ready and are progressing at light speed. Here is a little progress report–more later when the internet, phone and cable are connected. I had to travel to the local coffee shop to find a Wi-Fi connection to post today.

Love this beautiful rhododendron at the entrance to the new house!

Painters at work–so many holes in the wall.

More patching in progress … how did that fake vine get back in the house?

All of the mismatched baseboards are leaving and new 10-inch baseboards are being installed.

Herb de Provence garden by Keven Hawkins enjoying its new home.

I can’t wait to plant the Lupines–they don’t grow in Atlanta!

The view is Gorgeous!

The view from my kitchen window. The beautiful tall Fleur vase is from Dovetail Antiques in Cashiers, North Carolina–love it!

The Master Bedroom–lots of work here. The fake ceilings are leaving and some beams may be added—check back to see what happens. How many holes can there be in one room?

Tada! My one bedroom with the wonderful 10-inch baseboards, new door surrounds, new window and closet trim and fresh Yummy paint. More decorating to come…

The downstairs hall still has some of the fake ceiling and a very dark Faux suede wall–help!

Antiques in waiting.

More antiques in waiting and my son’s temporary room. Thank goodness he has a good attitude.

Guest room in transition–no fake ceiling. I do love the 9-foot ceilings in the basement.

The worlds ugliest entry hall–but Daisy and Janie look cute!

I’ve chosen colors for the exterior, and the ‘Stop’ sign window is yielding to a round window.

This window will become a Dutch door with a stone entry edged in boxwood–what’s not to love!

A toast to the new home in the making–don’t you love that view.

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14 Responses to Progress Report

  1. Virginia says:

    Oh my goodness it has come such a long way in just a few weeks! And all the holes…they must have had more twigs up on the wall than you thought!

  2. Cathy Garrett says:

    Hi Lissy,
    It was great seeing you this weekend. Everything is coming along on your house and it is going to look great! All of you are doing a good job! Love those baseboards! I will let you know when we come to Cashiers again. I hope that it be soon! Have a great week and I appreciate the progress report on your home. Love it!

  3. C McNally says:

    Wow lissy, yall are making major progress! So exciting!

  4. Looking awesome!!! So much fun to watch the process! You work fast girl!

  5. LAURA RAMSEY says:

    Lissy, thank you for the updates. The house is really great and coupled with your vision it will only get better. Keep us all posted!

  6. Allison says:

    Hi Lissy, Just wanted to stop in and say ‘hello’. It’s so fun to see your progress. Gorgeous view!

  7. marciagaddis says:

    Lissy, I love your energy and creativity! And I think the entry space is pretty spectacular – when you get your beautiful things all set, people will walk in and be wowed! Congratulations!

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