Decisions, Decisions—about Side Tables

Well, I’m focusing on the details this week while waiting on the final range hood installation, open shelving, pantry counters and the painters. The round linen-covered tables were a little high next to my loveseat, and the copper urns were just a little tall. I’m taking them to the new Mountain house renovation. I brought these two smaller rectangular tables in to try. The one on the left is a ‘cocktail’ table with a candlestick lamp from Boxwoods–Atlanta. The one on the right is one of my own antique tables with a floral urn lamp on top–also from Boxwoods–Atlanta. I know, I have a Boxwoods problem. Do you have a favorite?

The round linen-covered tables with the Belgian coffee urns–just too tall. I was going to make the urns into lamps–they would touch the ceiling!

The 'Cocktail' table and candlestick lamp on the left–very slim and beautiful. This table can hold the lamp and a drink.

The antique table and urn lamp on the right–a little larger with a lower shelf.

Decisions, decisions!

xo♥, Lissy

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17 Responses to Decisions, Decisions—about Side Tables

  1. Cathy Garrett says:

    Looks great! Have you decided to keep these lamps and tables?

  2. nancoir says:

    what is going to happen at the window? would a floor lamp (maybe with a table attached) be
    a “good thing”? ~ in place of little table with lamp that looks tenuously perched. . .

  3. Jeremy Burnett says:

    I’m no expert, that’s why I always defer to you, but I go with the table on the right. A little more substantial and grounding. very curious to see what you go with and why. -Jeremy

  4. Caroline Ryan says:

    Hi LissieI
    I would put a small chest on the facing right side ….one that would go all the way to the corner but not too deep. You could put the candle stick lamp and a small tea set (I know that you have one) if the lamp proportion is not too tall. On the facing left side you could use a dropleaf table or a two shelf small server. With tables and chairs you already have lots of legs, so not too large but solid pieces will look good. The chest and server would give you extra storage.

    The round tables were too large but the urns will be fabulous in your Mt Home with the vaulted ceilings. You could have stands made for them and use them like floor lamps.

    I just ordered a book from England called Perfect Palettes by Stephanie Hoppen thru Amazon.
    It is all about paint colors and is really good. You might enjoy using it for the Mt. Home.

    Love, Caroline

  5. Caroline Ryan says:

    I just looked again and a dropleaf table would not block the AC duct.

  6. Beth Blumer says:

    lissy – I don’t know anything but I love the table and the lamp on the right. I do think the idea of a small chest on the right is a great idea. The table on the left is too small – but like I said – Lissy – I don’t know anything.Can’t wait to see! Love you lissy! Beth

  7. Pignut Hill says:

    Lissy, I love Caroline’s idea (above) of a small chest. She’s right, it would take care of things being leggy. And I also agree that a drop leaf side table would be useful. On the other hand, your kitchen is very interesting because it’s not symmetric. You could stand a “pair” of something if you found two. I really loved the softness of the fabric when you had the round tables with tablecloths. What about a pair of rectangular tables with a box pleated table cloth? The kitchen is so pretty—and you are the master, so I know you’ll come up with a great look. Thanks for asking for our input, because as you can see, we’re all interested in seeing this stunning kitchen fully appointed.

  8. Carolyn Mitchell says:

    This has been the most fun of a fun day. I love all the comments and choices. You are a good sport, Lissy.
    Don’t let those urns go under any circumstances, either in Atlanta or the mountains. They are just wonderful.
    I like Caroline’s suggestions very much. I am a fabric person, so I would love to see that wonderful settee framed by some tie back draperies to soften the room. When I get around to re-doing the manse here I am going to put it online with you all; great ideas.
    Carolyn Mitchell

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