We have Counters!

Wow, the counters are being installed today! I have been removing construction floor paper and cleaning for two days in anticipation of having a usable kitchen again and we are almost there. The guys from Black Rock Granite and Marble have been fitting and installing these lovelies to perfection all afternoon. The Marble is simply stunning, but I am a little biased. Here is a little sneak–peak to wet your appetites.

Beautiful Carrera Marble counters being installed–so exciting.

Back splash being fitted under the window–mirror.

I love the grays, creams and linen tones of this kitchen.

Antique bracket from Boxwoods that was cut into a shelf and topped with marble to hold a little lovely.

Side view of the petite shelf.

The instillation around the range is just perfect–i love the cap on the top.

Overview of the work in progress.

More from my ‘almost’ kitchen soon…

XO♥. Lissy

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10 Responses to We have Counters!

  1. katie Hamilton says:

    Wow…love it!!!

  2. Beth Blumer says:

    Can I pop is to see it one day? I can’t wait! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!
    Love you girl!

  3. Cathy Garrett says:

    Hi Lissy love the counters. Is this your home in Atlanta?

  4. Melissa Harper says:

    Looking good! I love seeing the work in progress!

  5. william parker says:

    Love the Marble!

  6. Debra Buster says:

    You are so talented!

  7. Kay Craig says:

    So great! I knew it would be. Hope to see you in Highlands soon.

  8. designchic says:

    Where have I been and how have I missed your beautiful blog. Love every element of your kitchen and and the shelf is genius!! Happily following…

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