Kitchen Open Soon

Just a little kitchen update to let you know how it is all progressing around here. We have had a kitchen full of painters, carpenters, plumbers, appliance installers and electricians working this week. My head is still spinning from all the decisions I have made in the last few days. What do you think so far?

Things to come...

Door to the laundry

More surprises to come.

Painters at work

We have Beams!

Farmhouse sink being installed.

Project manager at work!

We are very close to completion!


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5 Responses to Kitchen Open Soon

  1. Lissy …this is incredible. I can’t wait to see it finished. Fabulous!

  2. holly says:

    lissy your new kitchen is going to be ‘thekitchenoftheyear”!!! it is beyond fabulous!!! xo

  3. Jeremy Burnett says:

    Lissy, you sure do have the touch! Can’t wait for the next update.

    xxoo- Jeremy

  4. Lissy is that mirror from Barreveld? I have wanted to use that somewhere! It looks fabulous in your kitchen…can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • I used it because it is framed like a window and has the hardware built in. Mine came from Boxwoods–Atlanta––can not find a label. I think it is Barreveld.
      So glad you like it.
      Xo, Lissy

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