Progress Report

  • The painters have finished and all is well. They have painted, cleaned, built shelves and drawers, patched holes, hung mirrors and light fixtures…I could sing their praises all day!

Just have a look at all of the progress.

This is the new location for the Shaws sink–Love!

The Range wall will be on the far right–the island will be beside it with a new Walnut top.

New Laundry room and pantry will be on the left, through Antique French shutters–Blue of course.

The front of the kitchen will be a sitting area. There will also be a painted table and large Chandelier in the middle of the room. Janie is the Project Manager today-Daisy is napping.

A little sneak–peak of things to come for the Laundry room.

Antique French door–I love the way the window opens.

Well, how do you like the renovation so far?  I think that next week is going to be a very exciting one–we have beams on the schedule thanks to Randy and Ray from Boxwoods Atlanta. Maybe we can have something other than Chick-fil-A and Panera salads for dinner soon.

XO♥, Lissy

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12 Responses to Progress Report

  1. C McNally says:

    what a wild week you have had! it is going to be lovely.

  2. Wow! It looks great!!!!

  3. Patttye says:

    I hope I get a invitation to the grande opening!!! Looks fabulous–you are so talented.

  4. Charlette says:

    Lissy, it looks so pretty even now! I cannot wait to see the completion!

  5. Wilma Gardner says:

    Fantastic. IT’s a dream coming true.

  6. Melissa Harper says:

    I love it!!

  7. Wow, Lissy! I just love the colors and I am jealous of that sink!! I can’t wait to see more and I am happy you are seeing the progress really paying off.

    Amy R.
    {plain & fancy living}

  8. Loverly! So glad you are now a happy person. My kitchen is huge and has a large fireplace in stone from the old ruin. I have oak cabinets (none on the wall as I am a short person). and tiles are dark blue and terra cotta. It is a snug and warm place. I’ll try posting a pic of it on Livingfrench iseasy. Anne

  9. I screwed up the blog address: it should be
    Sorry, Ditsy me

  10. holly says:

    lissy i just love it!!! i loved your “old” kitchen but this one is going to be fabulous!!! love love love your new sink!!! xo

  11. laura ramsey says:

    Keep sending updates. Its looking great !

  12. Have been missing you, Lissy! This kitchen is going to be beautiful! I am having fun getting caught up today. Loving ‘all the shades of oyster’.


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