Happy First Day of Spring

I ♥ Spring! The flowers are just starting to pop out and signal to all of us that it is time to get out side and enjoy the day. I am posting a picture of the very old azalea plant in front of my kitchen window–Amazing color of pink. Enjoy the blooms in your neighborhood…

My kitchen view!

I believe in Pink!

Xoxo, Lissy

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3 Responses to Happy First Day of Spring

  1. dardenstraus says:

    Beautiful Lissy!! I’m jealous. All I have are constant leave blowers….haven’t seen a flower yet!

  2. I love pink, too. My camelia is a very vivid pink…actually probably more fuchsia. I’ll be posting a pic of it when I get to my gardening blog! Anne

  3. So bright and cheery! Such a pretty view. I am loving the Oyster color on your walls. The orange was certainly not ideal:) Hope you are having a lovely week Lissy!

    Amy R.

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