Arrange This

How would you like to have a ‘Master Arranger’ come to your house and work her magic on your shelves and table tops? Yes, please! The tables and shelves below were arranged by designer Elspeth Willcoxson. I hope they will inspire you to clean off all of your shelves and create a new look.

Arrangement 101:

—Group similar frames together on a table and accent with architectural or antique pieces to add height and interest to the display.

Beautiful display of silver frames and an antique hat mold

–Stack books, frames and boxes then add small art, ceramics, family heirlooms or glass on top and around the base in groups of three.

Such organization and interest–Thank you Elspeth

–Use art as a focal point, then accent with your collections.

I love a painting as a focal point.

–Use books and boxes to add height, and then…

Think vertical to add height and interest

–Add a little whimsey to your display. Can you find the Toby pitcher holding his legs?

Notice the antique game board beside the Toby Pitcher–charming!

–Last but not least, group beautiful objects that you have collected together on a table top using a theme.

This table holds the 'Italian' collection–beautiful.

Are you inspired yet? Let’s get busy rearranging those shelves. Thank you for the inspiration, Elspeth!

xoxo, Lissy

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2 Responses to Arrange This

  1. Erika says:

    Love this!!! Yes, inspired…I already do some of the book stacking and angling them a bit for interest, but there always seems to be something missing…I have objects of interest on top but didn’t think about intermingling collections with the books. Great post!

  2. Darrin Ellis-May says:

    Lucky Lissy to have Elspeth “drop by” ! She is so creative and such a doll!!

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