Kitchen Love

Finally, the Kitchen renovation of the Atlanta house is underway. I have been waiting for some good progress to post on this–wiring, plumbing, steel beams and structure work are just a little boring. My next few posts will be about the progress on this total renovation–without the drywall dust of course. (Even Janie and Daisy are covered in dust.)

This is the starting point–1948 kitchen. Very small and dysfunctional, but very cute.

Old range–10 inch cabinets–TV over head (genius thanks to Randy Korando of Boxwoods)

Cute island is getting painted and moving to the back for stoarage–floor is changing to wide plank pine

Now for the really exciting part–DEMOLITION–REMOVAL–RENOVATION–so very exciting.  Sorry, I get carried away when walls come down.

Progress–one wall down, two more to go. Dishwasher, washer and dryer all moved out. We now have lots of reaady-to-eat food

Totally open kitchen! Cabinets were on the blank drywall–brown area was the only eating and family area. The ceilings are blue and will stay this color–more on colors later.

Ta–da, old walls gone–new drywall up! The column in the middle will be a focal point later.

New home for the 'real' range, a 6 burner Viking with a steel and brass hood. The vent will be run under the house and connect to the old vent.

New pantry in the works, The washer and dryer will be stacked in this ares too.

How exciting is this–well for me it is just the most exciting thing ever! I will continue with more kitchen renovation posts ASAP–So much to do!

xoxo, Lissy

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7 Responses to Kitchen Love

  1. Carey says:

    Way cool. So excited for you

  2. Charlette says:

    I am so happy for you!!!!!!!

  3. oh my, what a big renovation project…as much as I hate the dust and debris, I love reno projects, too!!! and can’t wait to see the after pics…

  4. Stacy O'Neill says:

    Love it!!! I am so excited for you!!! Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  5. holly says:

    i can’t wait to see your kitchen when it is finished. btw i loved your old kitchen.

  6. brooke burr says:

    I love that old wooden door. Are you keeping it?

  7. corine says:

    I love other people’ remodels. All the fun and excitement minus the dust and fight with the hubby. I did it about ten years ago and it was sooo stressful. Now I just enjoy other people’s 🙂

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