Sittin’ on the Old Porch Swing…

What about an afternoon break sitting on this very inviting swing! This linen upholstered lovely was featured on a front Entry porch designed by D. Estes Antiques Etc of Cashiers, North Carolina. The swing is surrounded by Black-eyed Susan, topiaries and charming floral arrangements. I particularly love the rustic rail of the porch and the deer placed at the side entry. There are many ideas from this charming porch that would be great for any entry, but my favorite is the small mirror and table beside the front door—a quick check before entering is always good!

Best break spot—I love the rope used for supports

Beautiful Basket of Black-Eyed Susan

Side Entry with Black-Eyed Susan and Charming Deer

Great idea—Mirror and small table by the door

Invite me for Cocktails any time…

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3 Responses to Sittin’ on the Old Porch Swing…

  1. Mona Thompson says:

    Me too!! I could spend a lot of time on that porch. Happy Friday!!

  2. Gail Hauenstein says:

    That is the most amazing porch I’ve ever seen—so want to nest there!!

  3. Sue Pipal says:

    I love elegant and rustic together!

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