Cozy Cottage Corners

Cozy corners for reading, sipping tea or just dreaming—they are simply the best kept secret indulgence of every friend I know. I would love to curl up in any of these warm, charming corners and enjoy the day—maybe blogging.

Cozy kitchen corner—relax while your soup is simmering

Just sit down and relax in this corner by Carole Weaks

Sip your tea and imagine you are in France—yes please! Charming by Willcoxon Design.

Relaxing bedroom corner by Rustixs Design—Coffee please...

Daybeds are the perfect place for reading—so welcoming

This window seat is Heaven—by Dovetail Antiques

Oh the weather outside is frightful—just relax and stay warm in this library by Lynn Monday

I would love to work at this desk decorated by the Amazing Charles Faudree!

Charles Faudree does it again—Cocktails and relaxing combined!

I  must have a thing for Cozy Corners—all of these pictures were already in my photo library. I hope that one of these rooms will inspire you to create your own relaxing corner. Find some time to relax and enjoy the day during this holiday Season.  XOXO

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2 Responses to Cozy Cottage Corners

  1. Lissy,

    I LOVE the cozy corners, daybeds, and Charles Faudree, perfect for sipping our tea OR wine!

    Merry, Merry, my dear!


  2. Pattye says:

    I would have loved being curled up in any of those charming spots, especially with all the rain we have had the past few days. Merry Christmas Lissy!! Looking forward to reading more posts in the New Year.

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