Relaxing in France—or are we in Atlanta?

This little corner of France is actually located in Atlanta, Georgia. The designer, Elspeth Willcoxon of Willcoxon Interiors, travels to France frequently and brings home treasures with every visit. She bought the painted daybed and beautiful hanging screen at the Marche aux Puces in Paris—oh, for some retail therapy in Paris! I love the creamy neutrals warmed by the use of pillows, lamps and that wonderful screen. The tables, lamps, pillows and even the turtle shells play perfectly off each other. Mrs. Willcoxon has mastered the use of symmetry while creating an inviting room.

Symmetry used to perfection!

Hanging Screen—French life in action.

The Masterful use of Details

I want to cozy up in this corner and enjoy the afternoon. More posts of this beautiful home to follow.

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5 Responses to Relaxing in France—or are we in Atlanta?

  1. maureen says:

    oh my…that screen is gorgeous!!!
    and love that it’s positioned behind the sofa..
    so elegant…

  2. Betsy Irby says:

    Lissy, I am enjoying your posts. I was just in Cashiers last weekend and visited Sally. WE went to the Antique Show and met Charles at Sally’s shop. Thanks for the picture of Elsbeth’s room and the tips for purchasing wonderful items.

  3. C McNally says:

    Is that a large white turtle shell above the smaller brown one? How beautiful and unique – wonder where it came from?

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