Under the Hydrangea Tree

This wonderful hydrangea is located in the back garden of the Mountain house. We roped and staked the tree off to protect it from building craziness. We threatened the builder and anyone who came near it—I think they believed me because the tree made it. With a little TLC and a protective gardener this 90-year-old Pee Gee Hydrangea looks great!

The 90-Year-Old Pee Gee Hydrangea—Outside the Master Bedroom

How about Morning Coffee or Evening Cocktails under the tree...

Enjoy your morning …or your evening!

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3 Responses to Under the Hydrangea Tree

  1. Gail Hauenstein says:

    Wish I had one-it’s gorgeous!

  2. That is an amazing hydrangea. I don’t think I can wait 90 years to have one so I guess I’ll have to just admire yours!.


  3. maureen says:

    love the pop of pink from the bistro set and what a stunning hydrangea..

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