By Invitation only…

I just love a welcoming guest room. This one is decorated in soft creams with a touch of red—so warm and cozy in the mountains. The Hickory bed was recessed into the wall and two closets were added for extra storage. Small niches were added under the reading lights that can hold a book, drinks or a Midnight snack. A small chest is a great place for a lamp, books, water pitcher with a glass and a potted hydrangea. The small chair is a must in every guest room. An attached bath is stocked full of towels, soaps, toothbrushes and other guest essentials. Relax, kick off your shoes and Enjoy the View.

Hickory Bed—So charming in Creams and Red

Chest for storage—Books, a Lamp and Drinking Pitcher

A Bed Tray Full of Welcoming Treats

Bathroom Musts—Flowers, Scented soap, cotton balls, Q-tips, and Candles

Baskets full of Soaps, Bath Salts, Towels and things they forgot to bring.

And a Room with a View...Welcome!

Your Invitation is in the mail…

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1 Response to By Invitation only…

  1. C McNally says:

    I am ready to go! Is this the mountain house you are selling?

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