Topiary Planter—Charming!

Doesn’t this Honey Bear Topiary just make you smile. I spotted it while hydrangea shopping in Cashiers, North Carolina. This charming combination of a planter and topiary mark the entry to Scotland Yard Nursery—the home to so many hydrangeas it will make your head spin. I hope your gardens are all surviving the August heat. More gardens to come—gardens are on the brain lately.

Honey Bear Planter and Topiary marks the entry to the Nursery

Also, love the fence and hydrangeas in the background. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Topiary Planter—Charming!

  1. Pignut Hill says:

    Perhaps if the bear that was sitting on my porch Thursday night had worn a cute straw hat and an apron, he/she would have been less intimidating. After eating, the corn out of my “Corn Hole” bean bags, he/she seemed rather inclined to stick around!

  2. nancoir says:

    great picture! that entrance changes seasonally
    please add caroline to your “fan base” ~

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