Sneak Peek—Living Room

This is the Mountain house living room on the other side of two sided fireplace. It was opened up to the kitchen and dining areas by removing walls and cabinets. All of the windows and doors are new and hurricane rated—it can get windy in the winter. Once there was only one door—now there are three that open onto the new outdoor living area. The granite fireplace is original but the mantle beam and poplar shakes above it are new. All of the wide plank floors are new. They were distressed and installed with square head nails for an aged look. The Patina is Great. Do you want to visit yet?

New Doors open to combine the Inside and Outside Living areas

Two Sided Fireplace—Granite and Poplar Bark. Love it!

Love the Old Shutters and Table used to help hide the TV

Hickory Chair Co.ottoman used as a Coffee Table—the Best!

Living Room leads to the Porch—More Poplar Bark and yet another Fireplace

More later…

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1 Response to Sneak Peek—Living Room

  1. Beth R. says:

    What a neat blog! My professor, Leslie Hankey, directed me to your site. I especially love the pictures from your Sneak Peek – Livingroom posting. Those french doors are wonderful–they really bring the outside in! 🙂

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