Sneak Peek—Welcome Home Entry Garden

Wouldn’t you just love to come home here!  The transformation is complete—Welcome.  The trick is to plant full grown plants in the Fall—the next Spring it looks like two years growth—Instant Garden.  I just love this!

Charming Gates lead to the Front Entry

Circular walk to the New Entry—Topiary by Cleveland at Boxwoods—Atlanta, Georgia

I'M HOME! Gravel Path Leads to the New Entry

Poplar Bark Siding and Antique Shutters—So Beautiful

A Rustic Bench—A Bird House—A Stone Wall—Yes Please!

I just love the way this turned out.  The other parts of the garden and the interior will be posted soon—so much to do.  Call Highlands Properties Highlands, N. C. 828-526-5522.  Or Just come for a visit. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Sneak Peek—Welcome Home Entry Garden

  1. Kay Cheetham says:

    Just love your gate! The gravel path makes me want to crunch my way to your door. By the way, Thelma got engaged this weekend. Amazing, Praise God!

  2. Erika Anchors says:

    Nice!!! Love the sound of gravel underfoot. The landscaping looks like its been there for years, very welcoming!

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