Inspiration—mountain style

Shutters around the door

I love all of these ideas because…they are simple and genius at the same time.

Add any of them to your home with just one shopping trip and a few nails.

Love, love, love—be inspired.

Antlers as sconces

Mirrors over fireplaces

Baskets as tables

Oh, and I need these planters.

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4 Responses to Inspiration—mountain style

  1. I want bear planters, too!

  2. Lucie says:

    Lissy…finally! A mountain site, from the tastemaster. I look forward to receiving many more posts. Lucie

  3. Pattye Monroe says:

    Very clever ideas.

  4. Kay Cheetham says:

    those bear planters are terrific. My pots are looking great this summer, but I have to water them everyday. they deserve better planters than I have for them.

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