Painted floors—instant charm

Tomatoe red floors

The first painted floor I ever loved was in Mary McDonald’s kitchen.  It was painted with brown and creme stripes that varied in size.  I love this red one—how fun would it be to cook here!

Another twist on a painted floor

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

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12 Responses to Painted floors—instant charm

  1. Leslie Hankey says:

    I love these diamonds—and they’re all different sizes! How cool.

  2. holly kerr says:

    lissyparkerltd is my new favorite blog. LOVE IT!!!

  3. Pattye Monroe says:

    I love your blog–getting inspired! And Lady Janie is so precious.

  4. Billie gardner says:

    Can I do this myself?

  5. Jenny Ling says:

    I want that kitchen with the red floors. Where can I find those plate racks?

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